Your enterprise-class telephone system - our responsibility...

We run redundant industrial-strength, open source PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems at a carrier-grade commercial datacenter, where the power never goes out and the connectivity never goes down.

Additionally, we have unlimited call channels of VOIP bandwidth from leading global VOIP providers, for extremely reliable, economical and scalable connectivity from you to the entire world.

You can easily make changes from your phone or the web...

Optional Features

(additional costs)

  • Additional Phone Numbers (DID's)
  • Your EXISTING Phone Numbers
    *porting numbers will incur additional time
  • TOLL-FREE Numbers
  • Additional User Extensions
  • Additional Auto-Attendants
  • Integrated FAX
  • Additional IVR Menus
  • Multi-lingual Capability
  • Special "informational" extensions
  • Call Recording
  • Incoming Call Queues
  • Screen Pops - CRM Integration
  • Custom Program Integration
  • International Long-Distance

Base Package

(Standard Features)

  • One "Main Number" (Hunt Group)
  • Multiple Concurrent Calls
  • Three (3) User Extensions
  • Two (2) Custom Auto-Attendants
  • One (1) Custom IVR Menu
  • Company Directory (Dial-by-name)
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail delivery by email
  • Call forwarding
  • Follow-Me Call Routing
  • Conferencing
  • UNLIMITED US/Canadian calling
  • Web portal
  • Call screening
  • Call blocking