How can we help you get your job done?

When it's all said and done, the bottom line is: Do the tools you use help you do your job better, or faster, or easier? Are you using the best tool for the job?

It seems like most business use the tools from the one big manufacturer that has done a really great job of convincing everyone that they have the only tools worth using. They are the one. The only one worth using... WELL! IF you haven't looked yet at our page on Open Source software, please do, but... if you have, it may surprise you to learn that we use Microsoft software almost every day.

The bottom line for us is: What's the best tool for the job? The criteria for making that decision include:
  • What do personnel already know?
  • Who else needs to access your documents and files, and what file formats do they expect?
  • Do you have legacy documents that need to be kept current, or built upon?
  • What software will new hires be familiar with, and what kind of learning curve is going to be acceptable for them to get up to speed?
  • What specific tasks do workers need to accomplish?
  • What software is available to do those tasks in the way that your business wants them done?
  • What is your budget for software and software maintenance and support?